Wanyuri is out to promote agriculture in Cameroon by teaming up with Yepa(a local association of youths fighting unemployment through agriculture) we hope to fight youth unemployment and poverty through farming by raising funds to support these young farmers with good seeds, good farm tools and replying them preserve and sell their harvest for a good price. We hope to provide employment through farming  by encouraging and promoting youth engagement in Agriculture both in small and large scale.

We also do yearly seeds distribution to the local famers to help them plant on time inorder to have better harvest.

We are also planning on building the wanyuri development center where we will provide pesticides,insecticides, farm machineries and better seeds to local farmers. Help them store their harvest so they can have better seeds for the following farming seasons. We will also offer trainings on this center on entrepreneurship, better farming methods and trainings on all aspects of self developments and improvement. We plan to work with local organisations like YEPA, MECUDA and the rest to make this a success.