Water projects

This project by wanyuri foundation is aimed at the provision of clean and drinkable water to five schools and the population around these schools in nso village in the northwest region of Cameroon.We are aiming at providing drinkable water to an estimated 100,000 people in these regions.Imagine the lifes we will impact with this project. The five schools selected by wanyuri field agents are, Catholic school tooy, catholic school firkov,presbytarian nursery and primary school meluf,Saint theresia primary school tobin and Catholic school shuf.From the feasibility studies carried out by the field agents of wanyuri foundation,it was discovered that these schools lacked clean water supply.The lack of a clean or and constant water water causes a lot of difficulties both to the pupils and or staffs.Consequencies of this deficiency in water supply are outlined below;

  • The absence of clean water supply in these schools cause pupils to be exposed to water borne diseases like typhoid,cholera and dysentery resulting from the alternative sources that are always not clean.
  • This deficiency of water sometimes makes the pupils in their search for water to walk very long distances to fetch the water consequently reducing their learning hours.
  • This absence of water supply sometimes leads to dirty school environments.

These are but a few of the many consequencies of the lack of a clean and or constant water supply system in these five schools.

Wanyuri is out to fight cholera in African villages by supporting local projects in bringing portable drinking water to the communities. It might be surprising to some people but portable drinking water is still a luxury in some areas in Africa.

We are willing to bring development to the people by constructing local farm-market roads so they can transport the products from their farms to the markets and make their profit without the products getting damaged on the way due to bad road conditions.

Wanyuri also aims to work with local construction companies who will build roads under strict supervision of Wanyuri volunteers. This will bring economic development to all these regions.