Why partner with Wanyuri

Because we are accountable and transparent with all our funds and we provide you a platform to increase your corporate social responsibility.Since we are based here in Belgium and can not always be in Cameroon or any other country to supervise ongoing projects, we have set-up and establish a branch in Cameroon with credible representatives and board members. These are well accomplished individuals from all works of life for example priests, business owners and heads of big associations in Cameroon who have accepted upon themselves to take out time to supervise projects and ensure that money raised is invested in the projects.You can have a look at the board member page of the website.

We also partner with local NGO’s in Cameroon like House of Versi, Cameroon Start-up accademy, Bongsuru women’s association, Meluf cultural and development association. All these organisation are all working in one way or the other to bring about change in Cameroon and Africa as whole.

Your donation will have an immediate impact in the lives of impoverished African families and communities. Your donations go towards helping us finance the projects we have selected and allowing Wanyuri charity organization to keep on functioning & working towards it’s goals to improve the living standard in Africa by bringing about development.

We do not use donation to finance any personnel travel cost. All travel cost are covered by the founder or the volunteers themselves who wish to travel and visit project sites in Africa.

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