Not everyone can afford to make a donation. For this reason you could help us in other ways

Can you help with fundraising?

Are you good at organising events?

Are you good with helping others?

There are so many ways you can help, just get in touch and let us know what your skills are and we can proceed from there.

Local volunteer:

How can you help?

The key to sucess for  all charities are volunteers:

  • Their dedication to a cause is inspiring.
  • Their passion to make change happen is the driving force behind the success of campaigns.

Because of these  we call the  Wanyuri Angels.

As we are currently a small charity, volunteers are critical in ensuring that Wanyuri Foundation can grow and run effectively. We are looking to recruit volunteers from the local area to help us deliver our projects in their communities, and make change happen for the local residents.

The work you will be involved in will be demanding (and chaotic at times!) but will definitely be rewarding when you see the real difference Wanyuri Foundation’s projects are bringing to people’s lives.

We will provide all necessary training to volunteers, so you can even pass on your skills and knowledge to the people you will be helping as part of our projects! This volunteering placement is all about development, both in the African villages where we work and in your own personal growth.


Wanyuri angels must demonstrate:

  • Passion for community development.
  • Discretion about sensitive and personal information that they are exposed to;
  • Passion for photography and video shooting, and willing to learn new skills;
  • Desire to achieve excellence in skills and timemanagement;
  • Availability to travel at short notice and ability to work well as part of the wanyuri’s team.

Duties may be:

  • Filming and photographing the travel to and arrival to the projects locations.
  • Filming and photographing Wanyuri staff while on visits to each project, e.g. talking to the local people to identify their needs, inspecting the progress of projects,  organising meetings to evalaute projects.
  • Interviewing local people who work on our projects and filming these interviews.

Wanyuri Angels will also be trained by the Wanyuri Belgium Media Team in the art of capturing media, who will provide apprentices with different levels of training that advance in difficulty as they work their way through our Training Modules.

Wanyuri angels duties in this department might include:

  • Assist the CEO, the Regional Director and Wanyuri staff teams with any tasks that arise during project visits in their area. This is a varied role and volunteers must be ready to help with any task that is on hand.
  • Compiling and collecting questionnaires that will be distributed amongst community developement groups;
  • Recording minutes of women’s group meetings.
  • Helping the Wanyuri team and any professional volunteers with charity events and also administrative paper works for declaring charity goods at the sea port.
  • Organising excursions for foreign teenagers who volunteer in local activities( this may include, cooking and cleaning fort hem).

The IT volunteers main role will be to assist the Wanyuri’s team with any technical problems that arise.


How long will my volunteering placement at Wanyuri last?

Your volunteering placement as a Wanyuri Angel can last for as long as you are available to assist us! We have a list of local volunteers that we call upon whenever we know that we have an upcoming project in a location, and you will be able to add or remove your name from that list depending on your availability.

Will transport be provided to the project locations?

Wanyuri will determine this according to the particular project.

Will I be safe in the places where I will be working?

Wanyuri Foundation takes the safety of its angels very seriously, and all successful applicants will be guaranteed protection while on ground. Although you will not be put in any immediate danger whilst working with us, volunteers need to be aware that some of our project locations are close to areas where there is some unrest. This means that we request that you do not broadcast your location on social media until you have returned back to base.

I would like to help Wanyuri Foundation make change happen in my local area, how do I apply to become a volunteer?

To apply to join Wanyuri Foundation as a volunteer we will need you to send your CV to us along with your reasons for wanting to become a volunteer and what you could bring to the role. Also you will need to complete the application form that you can find in our website. If we have an opportunity available where we think you will be suited, we will invite you into our office for an interview. If you are successful then we will be able to start planning your volunteering programme immediately!

Will I receive any training?

We will make sure that all volunteers are aware of the procedures that we follow for each project that we run, and provide you with the training you may need before attending an event. If you are volunteering as part of the media team, the Belgian Media Team will teach you how to operate the equipment that we use in Africa if needed, and provide you with a brief on the footage we want you to gather on your trip.

Is my location a determining factor in my suitability to volunteer?

Wanyuri is aware that transport is often a problem in Cameroon where we operate and, based on this, we have to insist that all Wanyuri volunteers live within a reasonable commutable distance to the locations of our projects. This is for your benefit as we would not want you to spend high amounts of money on transport fares to volunteer on a project. Once you apply for a volunteering role using the form on the last page of this document, we will be able to let you know whether your location is suitable for any of our projects at this time.


Are you looking to take a break from what you do or do you have a summer free of work commitments coming up? Why not use your spare time to make a difference and help africna people in need.

You can apply to become a Wanyuri Angel and help us in our numerous projects in Africa dedicated to helping underpriviledged families and bringing community development African villages. You can help us by offering your time and skills to contribute to make Africa a better place.

You can choose between:

Non-Specific Roleswhich are ment for people wanting to experience new cultures but also provide help in where and whenever they can in nonspecific roles:

  • Load/unload supplies.
  • Distributing supplies in the various communities.
  • Helping in building water wells, houses and roads.
  • Lend your knowledge to our projects.

Set up and assist in managing events. Your role as a non-specific volunteer would be to assist in the day-to-day running of Wanyuri’s foundation projects in Africa.

Skilled Professionals

 Professionals who want to help the African communities with their skills can enroll under this category.This will mostly be for shorter time periods, volunteers will be called upon in rrelation to project requirements. To qualify as a skilled volunteer you must be able to provide us with a qualification certificate or evidence that you are undertaking studies in the relevant field. Whilst on the ground, in Africa, you will be expected to run training courses for our villagers where you can pass on some knowledge in your field that will benefit their lives, such as first aid, business advice or literacy skills.

Skilled photographer with the passion of travelling around the world, social workerds like teachers looking for a unique experience of teaching abroad or practicing doctors in search of a challenging and yet exciting experience while in the same time you will be making a positive change in the world and helping Wanyuri Foundation impact Africa are all welcome. All because  Giving Makes You beautiful.

Living and working in west Africa:

West Africa is abundantlly beautiful with many things to explore on your days off from volunteering. From visiting the bustling city of Yaounde in Cameroon to the serene beaches of Kribi or Limbe, you will never run out of things to do or places to see. You simply can not come all the way to Africa and not grab every opportunity you have to explore and enjoy  this wonderful continent.

The west of this continent habours  thousands of different cultures, each with their own traditions and behaviours. Wanyuri Foundation strives to ensure respect of the different cultures and communities we work with, and we would love to be able to share the experience of this with all our volunteers.

Do you have the passion to contribute in impacting Africa?