What makes us distinct

Our  integrity, accountability and transparency is what makes us different. I grew up in Africa so I have a complete understanding of the culture and how people there work which is essential to successfully carrying out projects in this region of the world. This gives Wanyuri an added advantage in best analysing the projects before engaging in them. These feasibility studies enables us to better  distribute  our finances on most urgent projects thereby minimising cost in an efficient manner. We get to accomplish a lot with the finances raised, making sure the money is used for what it was meant for.

Also the  experience of some of our members in helping  African orphanages adds to ensuring our accuracy in project supervisions and reports. These members experienced first hand how orphanages in Africa operate and they can best testify why and how understanding the culture is  important to the successful carrying out of projects in Africa.

Combining all our knowledge and network in the sector we can ensure with all certainty that Wanyuri with your support and from all our donors will impact Africa positively.

Our honesty, integrity and transparency is what distinct us from other NGO’s.