What we do

We specialize in:

Providing food and clothes to the poor

Building water wells and taps

Academic and tuition support to outstanding students

Building classrooms and providing material to local schools

Providing entrepreneurship training and startup capital to promising businesses

Our aim is to provide people and companies willing to help  underprivileged families and societies in Africa with a platform where they can join our effort to support and better the living conditions amongst these African families. Whether its through: sponsoring an orphan through basic or higher education or providing start up capital to local people making a living for themselves or by financing local developmental projects like building farm-market roads, schools, water wells and portable tap water.

We plan to organise summer camps so that the young population from these regions can take part in Humanitarian activities in Africa and see for themselves how life is different  in other parts of their continent.

With the expertise of my husband as an entrepreneur himself and fulltime entrepreneurship lecturer in the university in Gent we plan to organize entrepreneurship and strategy seminars together with CAMEROON START ACADEMY to help local businesses optimize their results and teach them how to be accountable with their production.

Small businesses with local productions, farming and small scale retail-sales is the main occupation and source of living of many families in Africa, thus we also intend to provide them with pesticides & insecticides, seeds to plant and better techniques & machines to harvest & preserve their crops.

WanYuri is an accountable and transparent platform where companies can give back to the society by supporting one of our many projects, thereby increasing their corporate social responsibilities which is important for improving the Company’s public relations.

WanYuri welcomes all poor, needy  and underprivileged people and  will seek to ensure that  food, shelter, medical support and infrastructural development is provided to African villages. For this reason membership at Wanyuri is open to every individual with a kind heart and giving hand.