Why Wanyuri

Why call this platform wanyuri?

Wanyuri is a word from Lamnso -my mother tongue- meaning “child of Yuri”. Yuri was my mothers name which means “listen”. My mum by her very own nature was a woman who gived and served others. She would happily give out our lunch to hungry strangers and would later on figure out what we would eat at home. She helped many  kids from the streets and fed so many with the little she had. In short, my mum’s way of living and my husband’s experience in helping orphanages in Africa is the reason I got the inspiration for this charity organization. By becoming a part of Wanyuri we can all make an impact on improving the quality of life of the underprivileged. When you give, it puts a smile on someones face.

I come from a society where in every neighborhood there is that one infant playing around, while others are at school due to the fact that the parents can not afford the child’s fees or a teenage girl getting married because no one could afford her tuition fees for higher eduction. That one family that can not afford two meals on the table. That single mother who can not afford medication or consulting fees for her sick baby….

Now I live in a society where people have problems too, but basic necessities like food, medical health, shelter and education are covered. Most of the parents and children here have never experienced hunger, not being sure of having a slice of bread for dinner or drinking portable water.

For this reason, I thought to myself to team up with my husband and create a platform where we can show people the rate of uncovered necessities that still exist in Africa and even though there is a large number of natural resources that exist but are not exploited by the local people themselves.


Our platform will provide people and companies here the opportunity to give  to the underprivileged families in Africa: whether its through sponsoring a child through basic or higher education or by providing startup capital to local people who want to exploit the natural resources in Africa thereby making a living for themselves,  financing local developmental projects like building farm-market roads, classroom buildings and portable tap water.

Who is wanyuri?

Wanyuri is a non governmental charity organisation aimed at providing a platform were companies and youth can come together  with integrity, accountability and transparency to fight poverty, promote community devt & provide medical aid to underpreviledged children, families and communities. It is a Platform for companies to increase their CSR by becoming a partner or sponsor to one of our projects. Providing academic support to top-grade pupils & student from less privilege families. Providing support to abused single children and women  with no means of subsistence in Africa.

Motto(mission statement): Rebuilding lost dreams.

Slogan: Giving makes you beautiful