List with names and contact details of kids benefiting from the wanyuri back to school project.

Wanyuri Back To School Project.

Wanyuri in the media Sportmarathon helpt straatkinderen De vzw Wanyuri organiseert op zaterdag 8 juli het evenement ‘Power Up’ in sporthal Michelsberg op het Nieuw Centrum in Spiere. Met de opbrengst laat de vzw honderd straatkinderen in Kameroen een jaar school lopen. De sportmarathon omvat van 14 tot 18 uur lessen zumba, pilates, body attack en yoga, verzorgd

Wanyuri Featured in Flamish Newspaper

“Belgian deputy prime minister on “Why are there so many teenage mothers in developing countries?”

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo launches unique e-tutorial on sexual and reproductive health and rights “Why are there so many teenage mothers in developing countries?”

Using Knowledge and Entrepreneurship to Fight Poverty in Africa

Despite the fact that sub-Saharan Africa has had sustained economic growth for almost two decades, the degree of extreme poverty in the region remains astoundingly high. As at 2010 estimates show  that  almost one in every two (49%) Africans lived on less than U$1.25 per day (at 2005 prices).

Fundamentals of Children’s rights.

Because of their specific characteristics, children are often in a vulnerable position and need extra protection. Moreover, every child also has a specific number of human rights, such as the right to birth registration and the right to basic education. For these reasons, specific instruments have been developed to clarify children’s rights. Belgium advocates the

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