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Wanyuri Micro-Finance Project

Wanyuri Micro-finance is a follow up project to our emergency-relief project in 2019 geared at helping victims of the "Anglophone Crisis" in Cameroon. Then we identified and offered medical and material support to a number of single mothers and teenage mothers. We also made provision to support victims with a small seed capital to start their "petite trade"  we have a long list of women waiting to supported with funds so that they can grow their business. Providing funds via our micro-finance to these women will not only help provide employment but also provide food and support to their families.

Wanyuri outreach to victims of the “Instability” in Kameroen. 

The best thing a man can do is leave this world a little better than he found it. - "Robert Baden-Powell"


Objective Our objective is to empower hard working individuals especially women who need an extra financial push in their small business endeavor via this micro-finance project. This way we create employment and fight poverty via the multiplier effect.

It is for this multiplier effect that Wanyuri micro-finance was created.

Wanyuri's main goal is to fight poverty in vulnerable villages in Cameroon and empower the people to a better their quality of life. We support the inhabitants to become more independent, so that they can take care of themselves without help from outside, e.g. Europe, and that they maintain their cultural identity.

  • Often children from the age of 5 are used in child labor to help their families and parents. According to reports Children between the ages of 5 and 11 work at least 28 hours a week. Children between the ages of 12 and 14 work about 42 hours a week. Often these parents or relatives have no means to send the child to school. Wanyuri wants to offer these children an opportunity for education and a better future to change their narratives.
  • Orphans sometimes still have relatives who look out for them. Sometimes they don't and they usually become street children, who have to fight for survival in miserable conditions. These children often have a lot of good will and potential, but nobody to sponsor them. Wanyuri wants to empower and support these children to a better livelihood.
  • There are many single mothers in the region. Not always, but often because of AIDS, a disease that has made many widows there. Single mothers have a particularly difficult time in the villages of Cameroon. Often they have no income, which means that they struggle to survive on their own, especially if there are children. It is difficult for them to provide for themselves because they do not have the opportunity to do so. Wanyuri want to give them that opportunity for empowerment and growth.

Images speak more than words. Watch video and see the gratefulness of the first benefactors of the Wanyuri Micro-Finance.

Target group Vulnerable individuals in our communities. We are talking widows, orphans, single mothers etc

Expected results We expect to see a rise in self-reliance and growth amongst the benefactors.

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