Wanyuri is improving livelihoods
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Wanyuri is an international NGO supporting grassroots communities & individuals self-reliance in Cameroon by executing projects in the domains of education, water and sanitation, health & agriculture and IT.

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Vzw Wanyuri was founded in December 2016 by Sunjo Relindis Kiven who has been living in Belgium for several years with her family. With Wanyuri Foundation, Sunjo wants to continue the work of her late mom, a woman with a particularly big heart for humankind

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Wanyuri Foundation has been working in underprivileged communities in Cameroon since 2016 to improve people's living conditions. Since then, we have successfully worked with local partners to provide potable water, build toilets in schools, renovate and expand classrooms, provide teaching and sanitary materials for the most impoverished schools in the region.

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