How the Wanyuri initiative was born.

Wanyuri; Child of Yuri

Vzw Wanyuri was founded in December 2016 by Sunjo Relindis Kiven who has been living in Belgium for several years with her family. She has built a career as a software development project manager. With Wanyuri Foundation, Sunjo wants to continue the work of her mom, a woman with a particularly big heart mankind. She herself was from humble beginnings, still she helped everyone who needed help. Her name was Yuri, which in the local dialect means "to listen". Sunjo and some of her sisters want to keep their mother's work alive and continue her legacy charity. That's why they founded the non-profit organization Wanyuri, whichChild of Yuri.
The organisation helps underprivileged children, families, farmers, orphans and widows in Cameroon. Wanyuri initially started it's activities in the birthplace of YURI, Kumbo/Banso a region with 43 villages and a population of just under 130,000. The small villages suffer from poor sanitation, lack of drinking water and electricity, small and dilapidated school buildings without school materials, poor access to quality farm inputs etc. Dispite all of these, Kumbo is home to the best cardiovascular hospital in the country. It's abundant natural resources & rich culture makes a great place to visit for tourism in Cameroon.

Our mission

Our mission with Wanyuri Foundation is to create a collaborative platform where volunteers & organizations from around the world with good intentions toward humanity can work together to fight poverty and empower communities and individuals in Cameroon. .
We could help these people by giving them food, or paying tuition fees (which we did in the beginning), but that is not how we really want to work. We want to help the inhabitants in way that they become more independent, so that they no longer need help from outside e.g. from Europe to be able to take care of themselves and families.This way they can achieve self-reliance while maintaining their cultural uniqueness. For this reason we focus on investment projects to help these people in the field of education, water & sanitation, information technology, agriculture, capacity training, vocational trainings & health services. In a nutshell, projects that improve the quality of life, empowers & offers development opportunities to local communities.

Target groups

Underprivileged families, vulnerable communities, single mothers, orphans, widows and troubled youths.

What are the main activities of Wanyuri?

Fundraising and sensitization campaigns all around the world and project executions in Cameroon in partnership with international and local partners.
Encourage agriculture & entrepreneurship, promote and improve education system, provide medical assistance, provision of water wells for potable water and sanitation. We promote and empower especially vulnerable communities and individuals with the basic needs of life in a participatory approach. This way community’s lead happy, healthy and prosperous lives that they value and have reason to value. .

What is the main objective of the organization?

Wanyuri Cameroon's main objective is to fight against poverty in and round vulnerable villages in Cameroon. Improve the livelihood of the people by empowering them to improve their quality of life. We use a participatory approach, this way the community works together towards the solution of the identified problem. They decide what development looks like for them with input and support for Wanyuri. We want be the positive change in these communities.

You too can make a difference!

Join us in investing in the dreams of vulnerable persons & communities. Everyone deserves a chance to outgrow poverty. We are delighted with your donation, no matter how big or small. Every cent goes directly to our projects