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The Story Behing Wanyuri

Wanyuri: Yuri's Child

Wanyuri was founded in 2016 by the Cameroonian Sunjo Relindis Kiven who for the past years has been living in Belgian with her family. Sunjo wants to continue the works of her late Mother Yuri with the Wanyuri Foundation. Her mother was a a woman with a big heart, she was not rich but she shared the little she had with the little she had. She was a mother to everyone she came across. She was called "Yuri" which means"Listen"Sunjo together with her sisters want to continue withe works of their mother, the reason why they started with Wanyuri Foundation.

Wanyuri wants to help less privileged persons and families in Cameroon.We started our activities and projects in Kumbo/Banso in the North-West region of Cameroon as this was the birth-place of my mother. Kumbo has close to 43 villages and about 130,000 inhabitants. This villages suffer from poor infrastructural facilities like good schools, hospitals, administrative buildings and lack basic human needs like clean drinking water, electricity and many other sanitory necessities. The illiteracy rate in these villages is also very high especially amongst females. .We want to help bring development and change living conditions of these people in a sustainable way. We want to help the via our Foundation become self-reliant. So that they can stand on their own become financially viable and independent. We plan to do this by carrying our investment projects that help create jobs and promote education while improving the over all living standard of the locals. culturele eigenheid kunnen behouden en verder ontwikkelen.

Wanyuri foundation strives for transparency. All donations are directly transferred to projects in Cameroon. Upon request we can provide you with our year financial reports. .

We are always open and ready to partner with companies or other Foundations to carryout projects that bring development to Africa as whole .We rely fully on our volunteers and local partners that ensure the realizations of projects.

If you want to join our team and help bring the dreams of less-privileged persons to live, then you are welcome .Volunteers and financial sponsors to our on-going projects are always warmly welcomed. Click here For more information.

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