Wanyuri Project

Access to clean drinking water to the people of Awae-Eassabi & Mimban villages in the center region plus Dimako village in Bertoua the Eastern region of Cameroon.

Wanyuri continues to leave it’s foot prints in villages around Cameroon by drilling boreholes for water supplies ensuring every inhabitant in these villages have access to clean drinking water. Despite the ongoing crisis and division in the world, we all can agree that access to clean drinking water is a basic human necessity


Without the support and impact of Wanyuri in these villages, most of the inhabitants will suffer, get sick and even die due to lack of clean drinking water. Their yields from their crops and animal farm are usually at the lowest due to inadequate water supply for their farming activities. With construction of these water systems done by Wanyuri in these villages we expect to impact the lives of more than 10,000 persons indirectly resulting in improved health & overall increase in life expectancy.

Our initial plan this year was to kick of our 2022 water projects in Essabi-Awae & Mimbam villages in the center region. After a visit to Cameroon by our president and with updates of the current difficulties that the people of Dimako-Bertoua are facing with the influx of refugees from Central African Republic, Wanyuri board then decided to swap one of the water projects in the center region for the Dimako project. Dimako municipal Council is at 300km drive from Yaounde, and 26km drive from Bertoua the Head Quater of the East Region of Cameroon.

The Council has both Urban and rural areas and it's populated by indigenious people and other internal displaced person

De Raad heeft zowel stedelijke als landelijke gebieden en wordt bevolkt door inheemse mensen en andere binnenlandse ontheemden.

The basics needs are most rampant than in the City capital of Cameroon.

There urgent basics needs of potable drinking water, health facilities, stable electricity supplies and school infrastructures.

The Council is 750m2 and has a total population of about 15 000 inhabitants.

Majors tribes there are the Kwakum people;
Pol people and Baka people commonly called Pygmees.

The current Mayor is TOKAMBOU NTEME Yves, elected since the 19th february 2020.

He is the one running the local government in application of the decentralisation process and will supervise the execution of this water project by Wanyuri in this council.

It is obvious that the Dimako project will server more people and will be of more added value. Our intention is to later solicitate funds and execute the Mimbam water project.

Locatie: Google coördinaten:

3.897686699002458, 11.890267045578991


Aannemer die het project uitvoert: NJANKA CONSTRUCTION

Total projectkost: 57398€


Provincie west-vlaanderen :

39 998,5 euro




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