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Completion Awae-eassabi water project and Kickstart of Kup & Mimbam water project 2023.

Smiles for the populations of Mimbam ELIG AKENG community in the Mbankomo Municipality center region and the people of Kup community in the North West region of Cameroon as Wanyuri foundation recently launched & kickstart their water project this 2023.


This is a result of collaboration between the Mbankomo Town Hall, the ELIG AKENG Village Development Committee and the NGO WANYURI FONDATION headquartered in BELGIUM with her sponsors Wereldhuis/Province West-Vlaanderen en Wildeganzen. The construction work of a modern water-system powered by solar-energy has begun this September. The contracting company to execute this was able to reach the appreciable water level for good pressure.

Watch video here to get details of this collaboration.


Soon, the Mimbam-ELIG Akeng village & Kup will have a  waterpoint system exactly like what we did at Dimako village. A pump to access safe drinking water over every 2km radius by this modern  water supply system

Awae-Essabi water project was completed this summer July 2023 and this definitely is reducing the spread of waterborne diseases and ensuring the people of Essabi live longer & happier with access to clean and save water.



Awae-Essabi project was launched same time as Dimoko water project: aimed at providing a modern solar-powered water system.

This was completed last year and handed over in March 2022 to the community of Dimako in the Eastern region of Cameroon. Awae-Eassabi project was completed and handed over to the people this year May 2023. All these projects are sponsored by Wereldhuis Provincie West-Vlaanderen en WildeGanzen.


Wanyuri foundation has been on a mission to provide access to clean a safe drinking water in villages & communities across Cameroon.

Since 2016 wanyuri has executed 8(Meluf, Firkov, Tooy, Tobin-Kumbo, Shuf, Bamenda-sisia, Dimako, Awae-Eassabi).

The just started water project in Mimbam, a community in Mbangkolo sub-division in the Center region and Kup community in the North-west region.

The successful implementation of these project has provided access to clean & safe drinking water to a total of more 40000 people.

This is something the Wanyuri team is proud of and it gives us the motivation to continue until the SDG #6 Clean water and sanitation becomes a reality.

We have no plans to stop any time soon as we continue with the mission & vision of our NGO.


Kup & Mimbam projects are ongoing as you can see on the videos and we can not wait for the completion and inauguration of this projects as it will provide access to clean and safe water to more than 5000 persons not counting children.


Our head office is in English speaking Cameroon and ever since the outbreak of the instability in this area, people expected us to stop with all projects and we instead expanded to French Cameroon. Bringing help and support to the people, wherever they have been displaced to.


It might be key to mention that there are no employees for the Wanyuri Belgian team, everyone works on volunteer bases to put a smile on others faces of these vulnerable people in Cameroon.

Visit our website to see how u can support us or join us in our mission with Wanyuri.

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