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Due to a LANDSLIDE that occurred October 9th in the neighborhood of the capital city of Yaoundé killing more than 30 people and leaving many injured still laying in the hospital till date. Rescue & emergency operations in the aftermath of floods and landslides in Mbankolo in Yaoundé, Cameroon is still needed more than 11 days after the disaster which brings a lot of worry to mind. Every other day, you observe something happening in Cameroon that makes you wonder about the kinds of thoughts that go on in the heads of most people in the country. In the aftermath of the Mbankolo landslide, where many lives were lost, the Minister of Territorial Administration was on TV blaming victims for building in hazardous areas. Even if he is right, the timing of his statement shows a level of insensitivity that prevails throughout the country. He also announced that the head of state, out of his sheer generosity, had provided mattresses to be distributed to victims; till date the victims have still not received the shelter and remain in need of shelter and support


The unfortunate event also happened to have affected a small area, fortunately the affected area by the landslide is so small that, though all victims were identified within 48 hours. With this list of victims, an aid fund could have been created to assist the victims with immediate and short-term emergency services like medical care, food, housing, and psychological support. But given the nature of the land and corruption, not enough help have been provided to these victims except from civil societies like Red-cross and this has not been sufficient. Hundreds of people of Mbangkolo need our help and support. Such is the country they now live in, where making sense makes no sense. Let us help them.

Honderden mensen in Mbangkolo hebben onze hulp en steun nodig.

Helaas is dit het land waarin ze leven. Laten we ze helpen.

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