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Belgian pharmacy "APOTHEEK VANDEPUTTE" supports orphans and vulnerable communities in Cameroon via WANYURI Foundation.

The pharmacy in Spiere-Helkijn is donating toiletries, medical products and more to WANYURI Foundation, which executes development projects in Cameroon (click for more information on the projects). The products are gifted to orphans and vulnerable persons in Cameroon.

Medische & verzorgingsproducten op weg naar Kameroen
Paul & Sunjo members of Wanyuri Belgium

Since October 2016 till now, the humanitarian crisis in Cameroon has been steadily worsening. What began with a peaceful protest by lawyers, teachers and members of civil society organizations in the English-speaking regions of the Northwest and Southwest led to brutal oppressions.

This conflict is having a major impact on the population and especially on vulnerable women, girls and children who are left alone after losing their husbands or fathers in battle. Thousands of people are fleeing and seeking shelter in the major cities, such as Yaounde and Douala. The products donated by the pharmacy have been very beneficial to these people in crisis.

Wanyuri would like to extend her gratitude to companies like Apotheek Vandeputte that support their initiatives in Cameroon.

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Wanyuri Foundation has been working in underprivileged communities in Cameroon since 2016 to improve people's living conditions. Since then, we have successfully worked with local partners to provide potable water, build toilets in schools, renovate and expand classrooms, provide teaching and sanitary materials for the most impoverished schools in the region.

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